Welcome Prof. Qiting Zuo from Zhengzhou University to be committee member!

Prof. Qiting Zuo

Zhengzhou University

左其亭教授 郑州大学

Research Area:
Water Environment and Water Resources Management

Research Exprience:
Dr. Qiting Zuo born in 1967, is a leading and senior professor for School of Water Conservancy and Environment and the director of Center for Water Science Research at Zhengzhou University.Professor Zuo holds the the secretary-general of Water Resources Commission, China Society of Natural Resources (CSNR) and Committee member of Water Resources Commission, Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society (CHES). Dr. Zuo was awarded the “Baogang Excellent Teacher”, Specialist of science and technology of Henan Province, excellent young and middle-aged key teacher of Henan Province for his outstanding teaching and research contributions. Professor Zuo has led and chaired 42 projects supported by the National Natural Science Fund of China, National Social Science Fund, National Science and Technology Support Program Topic, and Henan Provincial Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and other national or provincial scientific programs. Dr. Zuo has published 12 monographs and 336 papers. His main research interests are human-water relationship and harmony theory, water environment and water resources protection, integrated water resources management, sustainable planning and management of water resources systems.