Welcome Dr. Guozhong Wang from Yellow River Conservancy Commission to be committee member!

Dr. Guozhong Wang

Yellow River Conservancy Commission

王国重博士 黄河水利委员会

Research Area:
Hydrographic Water Resources, Soil and Water Conservation

Research Exprience:
I graduated from Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering in 1995, the major was hydrographic water resources. At the same year, I was distributed into agricultural irrigation institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and went in for the research on water resources and water environment, I left the institute and went into Huazhong agricultural university to start the life of postgraduate phase in 2006, the major was Soil and water conservation. I succeed into Wuhan University to enjoy my doctoral career in 2008 and the major was hydrographic water resources, I obtained doctorate and signed into Yellow River Conservancy Commission, committed to the governance and research work of yellow river.
I attended national ninth and tenth five-year science and technology project, hosted eleventh, twelfth and 13th five-year science and technology project in Henan Province, editing three monographs and publishing articles about sixty-two. I will get my professor post in the end of this year.