Welcome Prof. Weihao Lin from Tianjin University to be committee member!

Prof. Weihao Lin 

Tianjin University

林伟豪教授 天津大学

Research Area: 

Tidal Current Turbine and Ship Propeller Induced Seabed Scour

Research Experience:

I am a Fellow of Academy of Engineering and Technology (AAET), Fellow of Engineers Ireland (IEI), Fellow of Energy Institute UK (EI), Fellow of British Computer Society (BCS) and Fellow of Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) UK. My researches focus on tidal current turbine and ship propeller induced seabed scour. In my PhD, I used the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and laser Doppler anemometry (LDA) to investigate the velocity field and turbulent intensities within the ship propeller jet. The prediction of this complicated rotating jet is important to prevent the ship propeller jet induced seabed scouring. The impingement of this jet at the seabed causes the sediment transport to expose the berth foundation leading to damages. Axial momentum theory was used to establish the ship propeller jet theory in order to predict using the semi-empirical equations. These works are later being transferred to tidal current turbine. Tidal turbine wake theory was proposed enabling the predictions of velocity within the wake using axial momentum theory with CFD and LDA corrections. The works are later extended to twin ship propeller and the twin turbine. The scour equations for ship propeller jet and tidal turbine are also proposed.