Welcome Prof. Peiyue Li from Chang’an University to be committee member!

Prof. Peiyue Li

Changan University
李培月教授 长安大学

Research Area:
groundwater environment, Groundwater Management, groundwater pollution

Research Exprience:
Dr. Li is a full professor in hydrogeology and environmental science. He obtained his Ph.D. from Changan University, one of the national key universities in China. His research interests include hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry and groundwater modeling. He has been members of IAH, IMWA and NGWA since 2014, and is Associate Editors for Exposure and Health、Mine Water and the Environment. He has been awarded over ten national and provincial research and teaching awards for recognizing his outstanding achievements and contribution to geoscience. He has been granted two national research titles and has also been certified as a new start in science and technology by the Shaanxi Department of Science. He has been leader for more than 20 research projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MSTC), Ningxia Departments of Environmental Protection and Shaanxi Department of Science and Technology. He is now working on hydrogeochemical processes of wastewater irrigation, impacts of water-rock interactions on permeability of porous media, and hydrogeological variation of loess areas under urbanization.