Welcome Chief Eng. Guiyuan Li from Hunan Water Resources and Hydropower Research Institute to be committee member!

Chief Eng. Guiyuan Li

Hunan Water Resources and Hydropower Research Institute

李桂元首席工程师 湖南水利水电科学研究院

Research Area:

Water Resources, Agricultural Water Saving

Research Exprience:
Guiyuan Li, male, 1984.07 participated in the work and was awarded the title of senior scientist in 2003. From May 2004 to present, he was the chief engineer of Hunan Water Resources and Hydropower Research Institute.

He has long been engaged in the design and research work of agricultural water saving, rural drinking water safety, water resources and water ecology, water saving in irrigation districts, watershed soil conservation and ecological management. He has presided over 8 provincial or ministry level scientific research projects and 15 departmental level scientific research projects. He won 1 second prize and 7 third prizes for scientific and technological progress in Hunan Province, 3 first prizes and 8 second prizes for provincial water conservancy science and technology progress awards. He obtained one invention patent and one utility model patent, and participated in the formulation of two national industry standards, presided over the formulation of two local standards in Hunan Province, and co-authored two academic monographs published by China Water Resources Publishing House. He published 10 academic papers in national or provincial publications. In 2008, he was awarded the title of National Advanced Individual in Water Conservancy Science and Technology, and was awarded the National Medal of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Products (Bank) Industry. He is a member of the second and third sessions of the Water Resources Committee of the China Water Conservancy Society (2005-present), and a member of the Science and Technology Committee of the First and Second Hunan Provincial Water Resources Department (2008~present).