Welcome A. Prof. Binquan Li from Hohai University to be committee member!

A. Prof. Binquan Li

Hohai University

李彬权副教授 河海大学

Research Area: 

Hydrology and Water Resources

Research Experience:

Dr. Li is an associate professor of Hydrology and Water Resources at Hohai University, China. His primary expertise is in the areas of surface hydrology, cold hydrology and drought monitoring and forecasting. 

2014.11 - now        Hohai University

2013.04 - 2014.10  Graduate Research Assistant, Hohai University

2009.03 - 2014.05  Hydrology and Water Resources, Hohai University
2007.09 - 2009.02  Hydrology and Water ResourcesHohai University

2003.09 - 2007.06  Hydrology and Water Resources EngineeringHohai University